Blackboard Collaborate Ultra – User Instructions

The platform for this seminar is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. In order to join the meeting you will be asked to give a name and to allow access to your microphone and camera. Please note that the browser needs to access to your microphone to play audio even if you don’t plan to speak, so please be sure to give permission to access your microphone. When you join the session, please mute your microphone to save bandwidth.

If you have trouble connecting first time around, please leave the meeting and rejoin, using a different browser if necessary (Safari works best on iOS devices and Chrome on Android devices). For more information on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, please see this guide for participants.

We will assist delegates during the live sessions by pointing out where relevant buttons/options are found.

If you experience IT issues during the live session please use the ‘Chat’ function to draw this to Adam’s attention or email him at

Main dashboard buttons

You can control your microphone and video using the main dashboard buttons at the bottom centre of your screen.

If you wish to speak (to ask a question, etc.) you will need to unmute your microphone. You do this by clicking on the green microphone button (second from left).

The blue button (third from left) controls your video.

The fourth button from left allows you to raise/unraise your hand.

If you wish to leave the session, click on the white bubble (first from left) and you will see an option appear above that enables you to do this.

Right menu (collapsible)

You will have a dashboard on the right of your screen (see right) that you can open and close using the purple button (bottom right of screen).

This will allow you to access the following (icons below, left to right): chat; list of attendees; sharing content options; settings.

Recording your Presentation – Presenters

Guide to Recording a Presentation