Stories from the Margins: Indigenous Connections to the Land

Online Conference supported by the Department of Humanities, University of Northumbria

29-30 June 2021

Session 1 – Tuesday 29th June 14:00-15:30 UK time

Welcome address 14:00-14:15 – FM

Keynote address – 14:15-15:30

Dr. Lill Tove Fredriksen, Associate Professor in Sámi literature at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Title TBC

Chaired by FM

Session 2 – Tuesday 29th June 15:50-17:20 UK time

Panel A: Human and More-Than-Human Relations: Indigenous Perspectives

Chiara Tellarini, ‘The Dreaming – Stories as Intermediaries between People and Land’

Tikli Loivaranta, ‘Customary Lawscapes of Indigenous Community Forests in Central India’

Erika De Vivo, ‘#Meannu2118 at the Convergence of Fiction and Reality: Art, Performance and Storytelling between Pasts and Futures in a Land of Relations’

Chaired by TBC

Panel B: Recovering the Past to Recreate Land Relations

Alice Smith, ‘Angusht and Saniba Gorge: The Birthplace of the Ingush and the Nart-Ortskhoi Saga’

Franck Miroux, ‘Place, displacement, and replacement in Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse

Dawn Wambold, ‘The Landscapes of my Ancestors: Using Archaeology to Tell the Story of Métis Connections to the Landscape’

Chaired by TBC

Session 3 – Tuesday 29th June 17:40-19:10 UK time

Panel C: Water as a Site of Colonial Resistance

Abbey Ballard, ‘“ARE THEY GETTING IT?”: Texting with Water in Leanne Betasamosake Simpson’s This Accident of Being Lost

Claire Sutherland, ‘Decolonialising through the Sea: Bringing Indigeneity into a National Legacy’

Kristin Lucas, ‘Elemental Kinship: Water and Stone’

Chaired by TBC

Panel D: Exploring Indigenous Connections to the Land through Media

Anthony Adah, ‘Ecocritical Approaches to Indigenous Films’

Jeff Donison, ‘Voicing Indigenous (dis)connection to Canadian land: Identity construction in the “Stories from the Land” podcast’

Lara El Mekkawi, ‘Lands of Solidarity: Understanding Contemporary North American Indigenous and Palestinian Realities’

Chaired by TBC

Session 4 – Wednesday 30th June 14:00-15:30 UK time

Panel E: Indigeneity, Ecocriticism and Settler Colonial Exploitation

Fernando Pérez García, ‘Fiduciary Gridlock in the Last Frontier: An Indigenous Futurist Approach to Land Dispossession and the Colonial Benevolence’

Anna Kemball, ‘Recoveries in Land and Language: Tara June Winch’s The Yield (2019)’

Haydar Jabr Koban and Thamir R. S. Az-Zubaidy, ‘Representation of Environmentalism: A Postcolonial Ecocritical Study of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

Chaired by TBC

Panel F: Identity, Land Relations and Indigenous Counternarratives

Daniel J Bowman, ‘A Chance to See Indians’: John Joseph Mathews’ Sundown (1934) and Native Americans in early automotive culture’

Evan Miller, ‘Changing Lands: An Exploration of the Relationship Between People and Land in Native American Literature’

Jeffrey Swartwood, ‘The Call of the Waves: the Changing Tides of Native American Surfing Narratives’

Session 5 – Wednesday 30th June 15:50-16:50 UK time

Panel G: Indigenous Women and the Land

Emma Barnes, ‘Aloha ʻĀina: Indigenous Women and ‘Love of the Land’ in Mary Kawena Pukui’s Hawaiian Mo’olelo’

Anna Ortiz, ‘A Case For Hondureña Liberation in Postcolonial Ecofeminism’

Session 6 – Wednesday 30th June 17:10-18:40 UK time

17:10-18:25 – Conversation between Prof. David Stirrup (University of Kent, U.K.) and Anishinaabe, Métis and settler-Irish artist Elizabeth LaPensée

Closing remarks 18:25-18.40 – FM